2019 Southern Dunes Men’s Club

Upcoming Events

9/21  ABCD 

9/28 Round 1 Men’s Club Championship

9/29 Round 2 Men’s Club Championship 

September 21st ABCD / Sept. 29/29 Men's Club Championship

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Congratulations to the team of B. Dixon, T. Conley, D. Laigle, and D. Harpe for winning today’s Men’s Club Event.  Each player won $30 which was entered into your account today.  
Gross Skins

D. Laigle ($20)
T. Conley ($20)
Net Skins
T. Conley X 2
D. Laigle X 2
D. Harpe X 2
J. Sheets
Next week’s event (Saturday 9/21) is the last week to get your 5 events in before our Men’s Club Championships.  Remember to sign up by Thursday at 5:00 pm.