Golf League at Southern Dunes Golf Course

League Format Weeks 1 - 10

Each week you and your partner will play against another team in a head to head 9 hole match. You will each play against a member of the other team where there will be 18 points available. If you and your partner combine for more points than the other team you will get an extra 2 points. The matchups will be the two lower handicap players against each other and the two higher handicap players against each other.  Win a hole get 2 points tie the hole get 1 point. 

Handicaps will be based off a two week rolling average. Results will start showing up after week 2.

Subs are allowed just please mark on the scorecard that there is a sub. Subs can not win CTP, Long Drive, or Longest Putt.

The last week will be a position round where you will play the team next to you on the leaderboard.

Each week there is an optional Gross Skins pot. 


1 Vandagrifft Kingsbury7610359284 
2 Kingsbury Campbell8476103195 
3 McMichael Velandingham6105192847 
4St. John Doss9285761031 
5 Bultman Lindauer1083417962 
6 Graham Graham3192847510 
7Sears Sears1928456103 
8Miller Hamilton2547610319 
9 Simms Mahler4761031528 
10 Lovelace Bradly531928476 
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