Wednesday Night League



  • Since the official CTP Markers were not out for this week we will honor the names written down on scorecards but we will also make the CTPs next week worth $20 a piece that way everyone has a shot.

Past Leaderboards

2 Person Team

 Scramble Format with Handicaps

(Alternating Between Front 9 & Back 9)

16 Weeks

May 1st – Aug 21st

(Skip July 4th Week)

6:00 pm Shotgun Start Every Wednesday Night

3 CTP’s Each Week & Optional Gross Skins Pot


League will be divided into two divisions and each week you will play a head-to-head match against another team in your division. After Week 13 the Top 4 teams from each division a bracket and play for 1st – 4th. Points reset and everyone else will play against each other for spots 5th – 8th. Once eliminated from bracket play, your team will move to the Battle Round to play for 5th – 8th.

 Payouts are in Cash!


Total Cost: $550 Per Player ($100 of that  Due in Cash)

All Fees Collected Week 1


Match: Play against another team in a 2-person scramble format. Win the hole and receive 2 points, tie and each team receive 1 point.

Handicaps: You will have a Team Scramble handicap that is 80% of the average of your last 2 scores. The maximum shots for handicap given is 9.

Subs: You can have one sub play per week. When you play with a sub, that nights round will be combined with your previous round on that side and that will be your handicap for that night. That score will be put into the handicap system. If you can’t find a sub you may play as a single and get only 1 extra shot per hole and that round will be combined with your previous round on that side and that will be your handicap for that night. That round will not go into the handicap system. 

*If the team you are playing is a NO SHOW, we will draw a random team to play that week

Championship Bracket Weeks 14-16

After week 13 we will take the top 4 teams from each division and put them into an 8-team bracket. The bracket will pair teams against the other division. 1s vs 4s and 2s vs 3s. If there is a tie you will play the next hole as a sudden death playoff. Winning teams will move on to play in the semifinals, the losing team will take their scores and play in the Battle Round. Winners of the semifinals will play for the Championship and the losers of the semifinals will play the next week for 3rd and 4th place.


Pay outs and banquet will be held on the last night of league.

Battle Round Weeks 14-16

If you don’t make the Championship bracket you will play in the battle round where points are reset, and each team will play each other in a team scramble format for the remaining three weeks.

Example: If there are 21 other teams in the battle round you will play 20 matches each week and get points based on those matches. The teams with the highest point totals will finish 5th – 8th in the league.

*Subs can’t play in the Championship Bracket but can play in the Battle Rounds

Closest to the Pin

There will be 3 Closest to the Pins each week.

They will be worth $10 a piece and winners get their money the following week.

SUBS Can’t Win Closest to the Pin


There will be an optional Gross skin’s pot each week.

$10 a team due that week

If no skins are won, you will get your money back.

Rules of Play

Play will be from the White Tees unless you are 65 or over and they will play the Silver Tees

You can roll the ball a scorecard length anywhere except penalty areas. 

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